New interactive sports game app Firefan is sweeping the nation

Firefan lets fans answer real-time questions during games

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Sports) - Firefan is the game within the game.

"It's the most fun app that I've seen playing sports or watching sports," said Firefan Chief Marketing Officer Scott Warner. "It's live real time questions that allow you to participate in the game."

Warner believes this game may change the way fans watch sports. After downloading the app to your phone, you join a private league with your friends or a public league to play against celebrities. You are then asked several pre-game questions, like how many points will Gordon Hayward tonight? More than 22? How many rebounds will the Jazz get? Less than 43?

"There's points associated with every time you answer correctly," Warner said.

After the pre-game questions are answered, the game will continue to ask you questions during the game like, how many three-pointers will be made in the next two minutes? Will there be more than two turnovers during the next two minutes?

The more questions you answer correctly, the more points you earn, which you'll eventually be able to redeem for prizes.

"We've been working with a lot of incredible companies to sponsor and be a part of the leagues that have been set up," Warner said. "So, we're going to see some really cool prizes."

You can play Firefan for any of the major professional sports. For the Super Bowl this Sunday, Firefan will give away a Nissan Altima.

Firefan has already been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times across the world, and and was the top trending app for weeks.

"The feedback has been incredible," Warner said. "We're still new to the game, so we're always working through bugs as a new start-up. But at the same time, the app is doing very very well. This is a Utah company, so we need all the support we can get."

To earn free tokens, download the Firefan app through your app store on your phone, enter the code ABC4UTAH, and you can start playing.

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