Southern Utah

Excessive heat warning issued in southern Utah

ST. GEORGE (News4Utah) - An excessive heat warning for Washington County, Lake Powell, and Zion National Park is in effect while those in Southern Utah deal with near record-breaking temperatures. 

While residents in southern Utah might be used to desert living, doctors say a heat wave like this can cause serious health consequences.

John Tait is from California and vacationing with his four kids in St. George.

"This is another level of heat that we're not really accustomed to in San Francisco," said Tait.

"It's a desert place and we get people from all over the world who aren't used to this kind of heat," said Dr. Rick Sorensen, Emergency Room Physician at Dixie Regional Medical Center.

Sorensen says they're seeing patients with heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

"We tend to have a flow of people with heat injuries," said Sorensen.

Sorensen said the most vulnerable are the elderly, and children and recommends staying inside with air conditioning, but if the outdoors call, avoiding activities that overheat is vital.

"We go swimming, but during the hottest part of the day, we just avoid staying outside," said Tait.

"Staying inside a lot, but when we go swimming, we stay in the shade," said Alexandra Tait.

"Over the last week or so we've had some humid days that are uncharacteristic for southern Utah down here and that makes it harder for the evaporation process to cool you, 

and the biggest thing is staying well hydrated. People that have a problem with the heat, also have a problem with dehydration," said Sorensen.

"That's why we came, it's so beautiful here, but you have to be smart about it," said Tait.






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