UDOT says 10600 South Interchange will reopen Monday

Watch Utah Department of Transportation crews slide a 3-million-pound underpass more than 150 feet Monday in Sandy at the 106th South interchange.
UDOT says it took less than two hours for crews to slide the three-sided structure about 150 feet, where it connected with a smaller underpass that had already been built on the north side of 10600 South.
Now that the underpass is in place, crews will work day and night to fill in dirt around it; pave over the top of it to connect to 10600 South; and repair pavement on the 10600 South bridge over I-15.
When all this work is done, the interchange will reopen. However, the underpass won’t open to drivers until next year. Crews still need to pave the bottom of the underpass and build the connection to the northbound I-15 off-ramp.  Once the underpass opens, it is expected to be used by approximately 4,800 cars per day – providing easier access to downtown Sandy, and reducing traffic delays and congestion on 10600 South.
10600 South remains closed through Sept. 25. I-15 remains open. Drivers can still exit from southbound I-15 onto westbound 10600 South, and get from eastbound 10600 South onto southbound I-15 – but all other ramps are now closed. UDOT recommends using 9000 South and 11400 South as alternate routes to cross I-15 or to get on or off the freeway.
10600 South Underpass Slide, By the Numbers
  • The underpass is 183 feet long – about as long as the Leaning Tower of Pisa is tall. 
  • It is 40 feet wide – twice as wide as the Lincoln Tunnel in New York City.
  • It is 22 feet high – tall enough for a double-decker London bus (15 feet high), with several feet to spare.
  • It weighs 3 million pounds – equivalent to the weight of nearly 750 cars.
  • It slid approximately 150 feet
  • Crews will work more than 10,000 man-hours during the 16-day closure.
  • An estimated 4,800 vehicles per day will use the underpass – reducing congestion on 10600 South at the Auto Mall Drive and State Street intersections.

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