Pioneer Day rodeo gets visit from Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke

Visit raises questions about future of BLM headquarters

SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) United States Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke was in Utah Tuesday night to help celebrate Pioneer Day and read a message from President Donald Trump, but his trip may have bigger implications than the holiday.

Sources tell News4Utah the Department of Interior may consider moving the Bureau of Land Management headquarters out of Washington D.C. and possibly to Utah.

Many are excited about the prospect, but the interior secretary didn't mention it during his trip.

Zinke kicked things off by reading a proclamation from President Donald Trump highlighting Mormon pioneers and their incredible journey to the West.

Although the secretary didn't mention the BLM, Governor Gary Herbert confirmed it has been a topic of conversation.

"Today we remember the extraordinary pioneers who uprooted their lives and undertook an incredible leap of faith into the unknown,” said Zinke.

"I've talked with him about it on a number of occasions. They clearly have a desire to have it out here in the West closer to where their lands are, so they can get an up close and personal understanding of the public lands, and the impact it has for the nation,” said Herbert.

Afterward the secretary declined to speak on camera about the BLM or the recent documents released from his office which have raised questions on whether or not they fully considered the impact of tourism before shrinking Utah's national monuments.

Both the governor and the secretary mentioned the shrinking of those monuments, saying they were beneficial for land use. When an announcement might come on BLM headquarters is still unknown.



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