4th District Congressional race heating up

KEARNS, Utah (News4Utah) - Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams kicked off a bus tour Tuesday as he campaigns for the 4th Congressional Seat. Incumbent Republican Rep. Mia Love has also been doing more work and campaigning in the district. Experts believe it will be Utah's biggest race this year.

McAdams held his kickoff event at the Olympic Oval. He says his goal is to focus on the communities in the district and do a lot of listening.

"We will be traveling throughout this district meeting people, traveling to cities and recognizing the incredible places that exist here."

Both McAdams and Love have been seen in local parades which is common for candidates as the campaign through the summer.

Jason Perry, the Director of the Hinckley Institute of Politics, notes that this campaign seems to be picking up steam much earlier than normal.

"This is kind of early for a campaign to be kicking off in earnest," said Perry. "That's because this is the race to watch in the state of Utah."

Rep. Love's campaign Communications Director Sasha Clark said the congresswoman doesn't need an official kick-off because she's always working on issues for the district and constituents.

"For Congresswoman Love there is no offseason," said Clark. "She's constantly working it doesn't matter if it's August, November or January,"

Both candidates are touting their records in office as a major pitch to voters. In most years heavy campaigning and ads start in August.

Perry notes while campaigning is important all the time, he said candidates still have to be strategic of when the ramp things up.

"They have to hit the wave at the perfect time so when people go to vote in November they say I know this person I like this person," said Perry.

The latest polls have the race between three and six percent lead for Rep. Love. Perry points out many of those same polls both candidates have high name recognition.

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