Nomad Eatery provides casual grub-style eating with fine dining food

1/18/2018 -  

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) The Taste of Utah is at it again. Katie and Jamie travel around Utah tasting all of the state's best food. Today they joined Justin Soelberg, for a look at Nomad Eatery. 

Nomad Eatery is a quick casual concept, but it's fine dining back in the kitchen. Soelberg says customers order at the counter, and employees bring out the food. He says they classify themselves as grubby. You don't really think about it, just put it in your mouth kind-of-a-thing. 

Today Chef Justin showed viewers how to make a cold turkey sandwich, similar to a club. It includes seeded bread straight from Stone Ground in Salt Lake City. Then he adds bacon aioli, black bean hummus, and turkey. The turkey at Nomad Eatery is made in-house. It's brine for 3 days, smoked for 3 hours, put in a sous vide bath, and vacuum sealed.

Once the turkey is added, Chef Justin adds some shredded lettuce, pickled red onions, Monterrey Jack cheese, house-made spicy Fritos, and finishes it off with a side of house-made chips. Nomad tries to make as much as possible in-house. They pickle everything, and make their own meats, aiolis, fries and chips.

In part 2, airing tomorrow, you will see this immaculate creation fully made, along with some other fun things like ice cream!

Nomad Eatery is located on North Temple near 2110 West.

Tune in to CW30 on Saturday mornings at 11 AM to see The Taste of Utah with Jamie and Katie.

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