7 Home Design Trends for 2017

Lindy Allen the Owner and Principal Designer for Four Chairs Furniture joined GTU with 2017 design trends you can easily implement in your home.
1. Bring in the greenery!  Plants, succulents, even whole sofas...green is trending and heres why!  Green is healthy, it is organic and it is vibrant. If bringing in green in large amounts is too much for you do not worry!  Small doses does the trick!
2. Brushed is out!  Bring in polished and matte metals and mix them together!
3. Texture, Texture, Texture...from windows to pillows, sofas and everything soft in your home!  TEXTURE!
4. Muted colors and simple pallets.  If vibrant colors give you anxiety do not fret!  Whites, beiges, pale grays, camel and blush pink are 100% on trend!  
5. Mixing patterns. Gone are the days that statement pieces are "too busy"  Busy mixed with busy is perfection.  If you worry about putting it together yourself, don't worry!  Come and wander the show floor at Four Chairs, we will help you with your colors and patterns!
6. Raw White.  Chalky and bone white in all kinds of home accents from wall hangings to macremes to pottery...Four Chairs can't get enough white, and what an easy thing to add yourself!
7. Quirky Lighting. The lighting is the jewelry of your home. It helps update and energize your home at the same time.
Four Chairs has a new section on their website titled "Vignettes" that makes it easy to shop a "look" and put it together yourself!  No need for a designer with the simple packaging of their designer inspired vignettes!  They have a new one every week! 
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