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Wife surprises Neal Schon with 'Journey' of a lifetime

(ABC 4 Utah) A legend from the race track gave a legendary rocker the 'Journey' of a lifetime at the Indy 500 this year.

It wasn't easy, but Real Housewives star Michaele Schon pulled off the ultimate birthday surprise for her husband, legendary guitarist, Neal Schon of Journey.

Neal's a big fan of racing, so Michaele arranged for him to meet one of his all-time idols, champion driver Mario Andretti - at last month's Indy 500.

The two legends exchanged gifts. Neal is now the proud owner of an authentic Andretti racing suit, while Andretti now has his own custom made PRS NS-14 guitar.

The icing on this birthday surprise was a chance for Schon to ride-along with Andretti in his Honda "fastest seat in sports" racer.

Neal says it's a rush similar to playing on stage in front of 15 million fans.

Schon took a birthday break from working on his new solo album "Vortex," a two-disc instrumental set dedicated to his wife. The album drops on June 23. He's also spending a lot of time with another legend, recording with Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Famer Carlos Santana.

Neal and Journey will be back in Utah in July to headline the Stadium of Fire in Provo. It's the largest 4th of July celebration in America.

But for now, the Schons say taking that ride with Mario Andretti is a highlight of their life's journey.

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