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Utah County Family Delivering Warm Cookies to Your Home

PROVO, Utah (Good4Utah) - Imagine fresh, warm chocolate chip cookies delivered right to your front door.  That's now the reality in Provo, thanks to the Made4Utah company Chip.
Chip specializes in making the best chocolate chip cookie.
Chris Wirthlin explained, "Baking is like a science.  It is very delicate."
After months of testing, Chip opened a few weeks ago.  But they don't just specialize in the baking, they deliver the cookies too.
They come to your door, warm and accompanied with milk.  They call it the Chip and Chill.
Sara Wilson gave us a bit of the back story for the idea of this Made4Utah company, "It was a family idea.  We love sweets.  We love sugar."
Each of the siblings are now helping in the process to make this love of sugar a business. They opened up shop in Provo and are making deliveries every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Sara continued, "It's a unique thing.  A little bit different than pizza delivery."
While this idea is new, the Family Business thinks this cookie, could roll far.
Sean said, "We would love to deliver cookies to people across the state; Salt lake City, Cedar City, Brigham City, and Ogden.  We have plans to expand out and do just like that."
Until they conquer the rest of the state, right now Chip has taken over Provo. Making sure your sweet tooth is taken care of, no matter the time and without the mess.

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