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Utah Company Opens Farm to the Community

MONA, Utah (ABC4 Utah) Good4Utah's Alana Brophy spent some time visiting Young Living Farms while on the Good4Utah Road Tour. 
"Young Living Farms, known for the lavender and plants, when you visit the farm just north of Yuba State Park, you get a look at the wild west and a glimpse back into medieval times, Team Step!"  
You can see the acres of crops from the freeway when you drive past Mona, Utah. 
"The grounds are beautiful, and the lavender, I am just so relaxed with the lavender."
Plenty of people drive by and wonder what goes on there. 
"We always take a little driving trip, we go camping, and, of course, my husband doesn't want to stop, but I am with my sisters, so we stopped. And here we are," said Cassandra Hansen, visitor. 
It's not just a haven for plant enthusiasts, it's fun for the whole family. 
"I have a  2-year-old all the way up to an 11-year-old and this is something they can all enjoy. That's usually harder in the summer, it's either for the older or the younger kids,  but this is something everyone is enjoying," said Emily Graff, Salt Lake City resident. 
A wild west play area, paddle boat rides, animals in the stable and even a jousting arena are all activities the kids will love while getting the chance to connect with nature. 
Gary Young is the CEO of Young Living Farms. The plants are distilled on site and associated with Young Living Essential Oils. Young says the farm is the core of the process with company focused on its from seed to seal promise.  That's why the farm is open to everyone from picnics to the petting zoo. 
"I didn't want a plastic, cement pavement facility. I wanted them to come to a place to get in  touch with the three elements that balance human life. Mother Earth, plants and animals," said Young. 
"I wanted mom and dads to be able to touch the plants, feel the dirt, and embody the whole experience of the farm." 
The upcoming Lavendar Days is Young Living Farms' next festival.  For more information visit younglivingfarms.com

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