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LAYTON (News4Utah) - One Utah-based company is tackling school safety with an app to help teachers and emergency workers communicate in real time. DIR-S, pronounced 'duress,' is a simple phone app with huge possibilities. 

Cole Smith is the President of the company Tresit Group and one of the creators of DIR-S. He worked overseas for the state department trying to keep schools safe in high-terror threat areas. He said teachers there and right here in the states came to him with the same problem, "We don't know how to communicate; our PA system kind of works, we have email, but there's no great way to get everyone on the same page."

The app uses an interactive blueprint of the school or facility and allows users to give status updates on their location. They indicate safe or not safe, and as teachers come online, law enforcement and administrators can see where the threat is in real time. 

Melinda Royer is a principal in the West Side School District in Roy, Idaho. She says, "With this system, I can press a button and let everybody know what's going on, instead of having to pick up the phone call 911, give them all of our information, then call all of our teachers and administrators, that's a huge task."

DIR-S works on all devices. It's being used currently in eight districts in Utah and Idaho. 

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