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Stupid Mistake Leads SLC Police to Murder Suspect

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) Salt Lake City Police have identified 2 suspects and revealed a motive in Tuesday's shooting death of 19 year old Sebastian Salgado near 300 East and Browning Avenue.
The say Salgado and his girlfriend had advertised something for sale through an online website. Police won't say what they advertised or what site they used.
The say suspects Romeo Alvarez and Anthony Taylor, both 18, responded and agreed to meet Salgado and his girlfriend near 7th East and 45th South. When they met up, the suspects said they needed to get some money to complete the deal, so they hopped in Salgado's back seat.
Police Detective Greg Wilking says after that "they were just driving around to make a decision as to when to rob them."
They apparently picked the Browning Avenue site because it was pretty quiet. Detective Wilking describes what happened. "So the victim was driving the vehicle and they attempted to rob him. They pulled out a handgun and a struggle ensued over that handgun. The victim was shot and died in the vehicle."
The suspects took off on foot. The girlfriend was left sitting in the front seat. "She was a witness to this," says Wilking. "I'm sure it was a traumatic situation for her to see this unfold."
Here's the stupid mistake. Police claim suspect Romeo Alvarez left his wallet in the back seat and that was an obvious clue that led to his arrest.
This story is also prompting police to issue a warning to anyone buying or selling something on line. "You need to maintain your personal safety when you're making a purchase from somebody that you don't know," says Wilking. "Do it in a public place. Do it out in the open, in a parking lot, for example, a crowded parking lot."
He also says to do it in daylight hours, not in the middle of the night.
Police even suggest meeting in the lobby of their Public Safety Building. It is open from 8 to 5 and even has an ATM machine inside.

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