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Storybooks depict President Trump as orange beast, superhero, other characters

Like it or not, Friday's transfer of power to President Donald J. Trump represents change for families across the country, and some parents are now turning to children's literature to help kids understand what is going on.
They are for sale at book stores across the country -- both positive and negative storybooks characterizing Trump and his path to presidency. 
It is not the first time a President of the United States of America became the subject of a storybook.  A quick search on amazon.com shows hundreds of educational books about Barack Obama and other previous leaders of the country, but clinical child and adolescent mental health professional, Ganiece Duhaime says content on President Trump is different.
"It's a lot less historical and more about his character," she told Good 4 Utah's Ali Monsen during an interview at Northern Utah Counseling. 
No Doubt, Trump's path to presidency was anything but conventional, and after a divisive election with a controversial outcome, some parents say they are struggling to help their kids understand. 
But are storybooks a healthy solution? 
Duhaime says sometimes.
"They can take a complex topic and make it more on their level, by use of illustrations and more simplified words," she explained. 
One satirical story called A Child's First Book of Trump characterizes the President as a bright orange beast with underdeveloped hands and offers advice to the reader. 
Next to that on a shelf at Barnes & Noble sit a couple of coloring books with Donald Trump as a superhero -- some even promising quotes inside. 
"Trump is Trump.  Superman is Superman," Duhaime said, adding that that type of characterization could be confusing for a child. 
Duhaime also warns that storybooks can cause serious damage if a child misinterprets the message or takes it literally.
"I've seen children take a book and really identify with it and even adapt their language to the book language..." Duhaime said.  "We want our children to be able to critically think through any situation in life.  We don't want them to have their mind made up for them," she explained.
Love him or hate him, Duhaime says no book should be a stand-alone explanation of presidential politics without context.
"Explain to your child that it is the author's viewpoint," she reiterated. 
So far, amazon.com shows about 270 customer reviews of A Child's First Book of Trump.  
Barnes & Noble managers say they have sold dozens of copies of all of them. 
ABC 4 Utah wants to hear your opinion on the topic.  You can join the conversation on our facebook page by taking a poll or leaving a comment below. 

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