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Snow Snarls Traffic, Worst Still on the Way

BOUNTIFUL, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - The heavy snow caused traffic issues across the Wasatch Front Wednesday afternoon, but mostly in Davis and Box Elder Counties. Utah Highway Patrol reported nearly 80 slide offs and 19 crashes by 6 p.m. With the heavy snow overnight the morning commute could be even worse for drivers.

UHP responded to several crashes along the I-15 corridor including one rollover. Bystanders had to dig through the snow to help get the driver out, but troopers say everyone was okay.

Even though many of the roads had been plowed the pavement was still icy. Troopers say the clear roads give a false sense of security. They note just one crash can have a domino effect.

"As soon as the roads become icy like this you get one crash and then people try and slow down," said Sgt. Brian Nelson of UHP. "They're not driving appropriately going to fast and then they can't stop."

There were four other slide offs and crashes within a few hundred yards of the rollover along I-15.

UDOT said they have hundreds of plow drivers ready to go, but they are having to battle the snow as it falls. Crews couldn't pretreat the roads because they were wet from rain the day before.

UDOT Spokesperson Lisa Miller said one of their biggest concerns is the morning commute when thousands of cars will be on th roadway along with their plows.

She says backups can hinder their work. UDOT hopes anyone with a flexible work schedule can take advantage of that to help stay off the roadway.

"If people have the opportunity to maybe tela-work or shift their commute, especially for tomorrow morning's commute that might help our plow to be able to keep things moving," said Miller.

Safety officials say the biggest cause of crashes is still people going too fast for the conditions and not giving themselves enough room to stop.

They ask to give snow plows a lot of distance to allow them to work and make stops when need be.

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