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SLC Airport Won't Change Security After FL Shooting

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) - Chief Craig Vargo of Salt Lake Airport Police Department said Friday their security won't make changes after the shooting in the baggage claim area of Ft. Lauderdale Airport. Many travelers into Salt Lake City said they were shocked, but not surprised by the incident.

Travelers like Ciera Keller of Provo didn't know about the shooting until she landed. She was surprised it hasn't happened before.

"Especially in a baggage claim you don't have to go through security and guns are allowed here," said Keller. "As a mom that's scary, but you can't do anything about it."

Even after the shooting Keller and several other passengers said they feel safe at an airport.

Chief Vargo notes that even with this tragedy airports are still some of the safest public spaces.

"We see this happening in general areas in theaters and areas where other people congregate," said Chief Vargo. "We probably have a larger police presence in an airport setting than a lot of other places are."

Airport police train for incidents like these along with several other scenarios. That's why the chief said this incident won't change how they do business.

"That's primarily because we already maintain a very high level of security out at the airport knowing that's a possibility," said Chief Vargo.

Guns are legal to take on planes in checked bags. They have to be in a secured case and some airlines make passengers store the ammunition separately.

Chief Vargo notes guns are legal to have in the baggage area just like any other public space. As long as people follow Utah state law.

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