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Salt Lake "Not My President's Day" Protest

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) The signs, the speakers, the ages of the people were about as diverse as what they were protesting at Salt Lake's version of the national "Not My President's Day" rallies.

Tens of thousand showed up across the country. In Salt Lake several hundred people marched peacefully from the downtown Federal Building to the City-County Building. 

The speakers covered topics ranging from immigration, to Muslims, to the environment, to women's rights. 

For a change there were no signs visible that contained obscene language.  Some of them said "change the world", "good planets are hard to replace",  "investigate, then impeach", and "not my president."

One speaker offered praise to what she called the water warriors who protested against the Dakota Access Pipeline. 

Carol Surveyor of the Utah League of Native American Voters says "in our Native American heritage anytime a warrior will go to battle, when they come back they would be recognized. They were given songs and that's what I wanted to do here today."

Everything remained peaceful and the crowd dispersed after about 2 hours.

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