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Salt Lake County Man Carries on Grandmother's Legacy Sewing Comfort For Others

In the heart of Winter, in Utah, warmth is a necessity and a luxury.  A Made4Utah company helps to create both, in a blanket. 

With each stitch on an antique Singer sewing machine, Brian Severson hopes to help people feel comfort. 

Severson said, "I do love every blanket that I make." 

A few years ago, while a friend was really struggling, Brian made her a blanket with minky fabric.  That was his first Cuddle Creation.  

Severson explained that during that time as he was finding something to do to help his friend, "It dawned on me that I wanted to bring something to her, that when she was at her lowest moments she could think of me and those who supported her." 

That one blanket soon turned into a full fledged business: Blankets By Brian. Blankets made with love, for loved ones. 

Brian's grandmothers taught him to sew. 

He said, "My grandmas, both of my grandmas, I would to spend time sewing with them as a child." 

Now, their memories live on as Brian uses one of their original sewing machines to do most of the work inside his Salt Lake County studio. 

Speaking of the antique sewing machine.  Brian explained that it is, "The last all metal Singer sewing machine.  It's an antique.  But it's never going to wear out." 

While the goal of any business is to be successful, for Brian it is really more than that.  He wants to create comfort and even a distraction from life's problems with each blanket and product he makes with quality minky fabric and supplies. 

In some of the blankets, Brian will hide a charm.  It's a reminder for the person holding the blanket, they are always loved. 

Brian added, "It's like a puzzle.  Every time you pick up that blanket, you'd be searching around and along the edges of the blanket you can find the charms and distract yourself." 

Blankets by Brian: a Made4Utah company creating comfort.

To order your own blanket contact Brian at:


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