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High-density housing development near Herriman gets another look

SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah (News4Utah) - On Tuesday, the Salt Lake County council voted to re-visit a high-density housing development near Herriman that has generated controversy.

"It'd be devastating," said County Council member Steve DeBry; he says he's been against the Olympia Hills development from the start.

"What are we gonna do, put 40,000 more people in a little parcel, and impact that area?" said DeBry.

The project, which is nearly a thousand acres in the county just west of Herriman -- has become a hot topic. It was approved by the council last week.

On Tuesday, the council voted to bring the issue up again next week--with the possibility of changing, or canceling, it altogether.

"Developers had donated to Ben McAdams' congressional campaign," said Sasha Clark, a spokesperson for Rep. Mia Love's congressional campaign.

She claims that county mayor Ben McAdams, Love's opponent in the upcoming congressional race, took campaign contributions from developers of Olympia Hills.

"We were able to confirm that he did receive over $10,000, during the exact time frame he was negotiating the deal -- from two developers," said Clark.

McAdams responded to the claims on Tuesday in a news conference after the council meeting.

"I'm evaluating my stance on the project right now. But no single donation is going to influence my position," he said.

"I make the right decision, regardless of who has supported me or not supported me," added McAdams.

He says he is still listening to the public about the development. 

And he says it's now clear that the development must have fewer homes, and the rollout needs to take time, so that nearby infrastructure can keep up.

"Quite frankly, I'm disappointed that Mia Love is really just interested in theatrics," said McAdams.

An open house, hosted by McAdams, is scheduled for Thursday to discuss the development with the public.

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