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Day in the life of a TV news reporter

Have you ever wondered how a news report comes together? 

It is the product of research, phone calls, writing, and hours of hard work behind-the-scenes. 

In honor of Utah Broadcasters Awareness Week, Good 4 Utah's Ali Monsen shows us a day in the life of a TV reporter.  We first take you into ABC 4 Utah's daily editorial meeting.  That is where reporters, producers, and managers get together to talk about the news of the day and pitch story ideas.  Then, from making phone calls, to interviews and breaking news, -- and all the ups and downs in-between -- we show what happens before it actually hits the air. 

"The one thing Utah broadcasters are all united on is trying to make sure that they give the information necessary to help people make good decisions and to keep them safe," said ABC 4 Utah's General Manager Richard Doutre' Jones, regarding Utah Broadcasters Awareness Week and the importance of good journalism. 

Watch the attached video clip to see Ali Monsen's full report.

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