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Criminal justice reform bill gives hope to one Utah family

WASHINGTON D.C. (News4Utah)- It has been years since a Criminal Justice Reform Bill has been passed in the nation’s capital but changes in the law would help one local family.

Adam Kubinski is currently living near Salt Lake City. His father is in a North Carolina prison for drug conspiracy.

"My father went to prison when I was seven, 24 years ago, and he is currently serving a life sentence," he said. "Despite all of our efforts to get his case appealed, there is just very little hope now [that] everything has been denied." 

But Kubinski isn’t the only one who is battling the system for the freedom of their loved ones.

Wednesday families and friends from around the country came together to rally for the First Step Act in front of the capital.

The First Step Act will allow for more participation in rehabilitation and vocational programs and authorizes $50 million in funding over five years.

It also aims to improve conditions within the prisons, among other things.

"He couldn’t get any dental work one time; literally pulled his own tooth out," said Kubinski.

But, some well-known criminal justice reform advocates and certain civil rights organizations are against this bill.

They believe this bill doesn’t go far enough with sentencing reduction.

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