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Cottonwood Heights police release body cam footage related to fatal shooting

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah (News4Utah) - Cottonwood Heights police released body camera footage from a May 29th investigation when an officer shot 19-year-old Zane James.

James died days later. 

Police explained Tuesday afternoon that the footage doesn't include the actual shooting. They say it is because it was a shift change and only one officer had her body cam. The others had either dropped them off or hadn't gotten to the station to put them on.

Now we want to warn you some of this footage may be disturbing to some viewers.
The footage shows the officer pulling up and running to the scene.

You can see police pull a silver gun out of James' pants, which is believed to be used in armed robberies in Sandy that morning.

Cottonwood Heights said they don't have dash cams in their cars, but say the video is key to their investigations.

"Unfortunately, in this incident, we don't have body camera, and we wish we had it frankly. Because it's been helpful to us in a lot of investigations,” said Lt. Dan Bartlett with Cottonwood Heights Police.

Salt Lake City police finished its investigation into the shooting and turned over their case to the county district attorney.

The officer who shot James was put on leave because of protocol but could return to work soon.

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