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Attorney General asked to investigate inmate's death

Woman died of blunt force trauma

DAVIS COUNTY, Utah (ABC 4 News) - The state attorney general's office has been asked to investigate the death of an inmate at the Davis County Jail after that inmate suffered serious injuries there and later died.

In late December, 28-yr-old Heather Miller was arrested on drug possession charges and booked into the Davis County Jail.

Her mother wants to know why, less than two days later, Heather Miller was dead.

"I can't imagine what she went through, I just can't imagine," said Cynthia Farnham-Stella, her mother.

Farnham-Stella has read the medical examiner's report, which says her daughter's death -- from blunt force trauma -- was an "accident."

"You're talking about a liter and a half of blood in her abdomen, and that pushing on everything -- and causing horrible pain," said Farnham-Stella.

The report shows her daughter, "reportedly fell from the upper bunk in her cell."

Miller was taken by ambulance to the hospital and was pronounced dead in the ER.

Miller's toxicology report "is positive for both methamphetamine and THC at the time of her death," according to the M.E.'s report.

"Heather Miller was fine when she went into the jail, and -- by the time she left, she was suffering from blunt force trauma to her abdomen that was violent enough to split her spleen, and kill her," said attorney Rocky Anderson, who is also the former mayor of Salt Lake City.

He says that he is representing Miller's family because the case seems suspicious.

"There was some speculation about her falling off a top bunk, but those are the kind of excuses we always hear when children are killed from abuse," said Anderson.

"Abusers always say, 'ah--fell off his bunk bed,'" added Anderson.

The Weber County Sheriff's Office has investigated what happened, but did not release that report to ABC4, and did not comment on the case.


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