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Salt Lake County lieutenant steps up to challenge boss for top job

SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) – Justin Hoyal is challenging current Salt Lake County Sheriff Rosie Rivera for her position in this year's election. 

Hoyal stops by Inside Utah Politics to discuss his background and why he's opposing Rivera for the title. 

"I have worked for the office and served the citizens of this county for over 21 years. I started out my career working in patrol and then I went to our motorcycle squad. I was also on our SWAT team. I was also a homicide and cold case homicide detective and then I was a sergeant and I supervised our Family Crimes Unit and our Violent Crimes Unit and now I supervise our dispatch center," Hoyal said. 

One of Hoyal's big campaign messages is a "smart on crime" philosophy. 

"I believe that we need to meet in the middle and be smart on crime. There is a need right now in this county for more jail beds. The county is growing at an alarming rate and that's something that we have to focus on," said Hoyal. 

Hoyal also addresses the high profile departures of Herriman and Riverton from the Unified Police Department. 

"It was sad to see both Herriman and Riverton make the announcement that they were leaving the Unified Police Department because the Unified Police Department is a model that I believe in and I know it works," said Hoyal. "But with them now leaving it's going to cause a problem for other partners in that jurisdiction and ultimately, in my opinion, will cost those citizens more money."

Hoyal says that the departments left due to questions regarding the budget which Rivera is responsible for. 

"I truly believe that we have to respond to our partner cities, we have to be there to answer their needs. If they have questions about the budget, we need to answer them. We can't just not answer them and let them go to where they ultimately feel that they have to leave because they are not getting the answers they want," said Hoyal. " I truly believe that the skills and the abilities that I have to communicate, to respond will hopefully benefit this organization moving forward."

For more information on Hoyal and his campaign, you can click here.




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