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New nonprofit looks to boost Utah's economy by promoting the outdoors

SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) – A new nonprofit organization recently launched with the goal of promoting the great outdoors in the state of Utah.

Doug Owens with Utah Outdoor Partners stops by Inside Utah Politics to talk about their mission and how they hope to boost Utah's economy. 

Owens has run against Representative Mia Love twice in the past, but the two recently came together on the issue of outdoor recreation.

"We found that we had common ground on the issue of outdoor recreation being a tool to promote Utah's economy. It turns out, it's very important for businesses in their decision on where to locate and whether they're employees will have good recreation opportunities and Utah has unparalleled good outdoor recreation opportunities," said Owens.

Owens believes that together they can accomplish great things. 

"We want everybody in Utah to know how important the outdoors are for attracting businesses and then to go do the research and investment necessary to expand that asset. We need more parks, more trails, our population is going to be doubling and we look forward to finding the ways to build that recreational infrastructure so we can all maintain this great lifestyle," said Owens.

He also talks about some of their other objectives and their stance on public lands politics. 

To learn more about Utah Outdoor Partners you can visit their website by clicking here.





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