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Deputy DA challenges boss for top spot in Salt Lake County

SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) – Nathan Evershed is challenging Sim Gill for Salt Lake County District Attorney after having worked under him for years. 

Evershed stops by Inside Utah Politics to discuss his decision to run against his current boss. 

"I've been working inside of the office for over 10 years. I have prosecuted everything from traffic tickets to homicides. I was on the gang team for 3 years and the special victim team for 3 years and I'm on the homicide team right now. I have gone to trial on dozens and dozens of serious felony cases and I love this office and I have seen what's happened to it both internally and with our partners and the relationship with our partners and I have also seen what's happened with the public's trust in the office and it needs to change," said Evershed. 

Evershed says he hopes to change the culture and the perception of the office and make it a better place for the citizens of Salt Lake County. 

"I'm running against my boss which is obviously never a very comfortable thing, but this is what we do in America. In order to change a public office and a public official, you need to run against them. Inside of the office what we have seen is a massive brain drain. We have seen some of our best, brightest and most talented support staff and even prosecutors leave the office which is something we haven't really seen like this, especially in this manner," said Evershed. "We have seen prosecutor after prosecutor leaving this office because of the failed leadership policies within it and that just has to stop." 

Evershed says that he plans to do things differently if elected. 

"We would change the leadership model, rather than trying to control or demand people to do certain things, what we would do is we would actually believe in them and believe that they have the qualities and the abilities to make the right decisions at the right times on the right cases with the right defendants. When you do that and give them hope and opportunity to change this model then people will want to stay," said Evershed. " The strength of this office is not buildings, it's not expansion, it's people." 

He also talks about the support he has received from law enforcement associations and the perception that the District Attorney's Office has become way too political. 

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