Lauren Matthias

Lauren Matthias

Southern Utah News Bureau Chief

Lauren Matthias is an award-winning journalist who has also reported and anchored for KPVI Channel 6 in Eastern Idaho, and KIVI-TV in Boise, Idaho where she was honored as the state’s Best Reporter in 2015.  A proud East High Leopard and University of Utah graduate - Lauren is happy to be sharing stories again in her home state.

When not reporting, Lauren loves hiking among the red rocks with her husband John, enjoys  writing, and eating delicious food. Brunch? Yes, please. She loves videography and has produced several short films. In 2016 she attended the Stanford Digital Media Academy for Documentary work, and she has also taken journalism classes at Harvard University.  Lauren loves to travel. She has visited all 50 United States and 18 countries. She put together a documentary in Thailand, has been scuba diving in Belize, and has lived in both Australia and Israel.

Lauren believes everyone has a story to share, and she wants to share those stories with the world.

She hopes you’ll follow her on twitter @LaurenMattNews or on Facebook @LaurenMatthiasNews. And don’t forget to send her your story ideas!