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How to help your children discover their strengths

Suicide, addiction and bullying are at epidemic levels and communities, parents and educators alike are seeking solutions for prevention. Author Fatima Doman believes her new children's book True You, Authentic Strengths for Kids is a good place to start. Her evidence-based book teaches children about their 24 character strengths, helping them develop the resilience needed to make it through life's challenges. 

You can find this beautifully illustrated book with memorable rhymes on Amazon. Fatima explained that people who express their strengths tend to be happier, more resilient, less stressed and higher achievers. She says that focusing on what's "strong" in our children (their strengths), rather than on what's wrong (their weaknesses), could positively impact a child's learning and overall development.  

Visit to help your child take their own free strengths survey and discover their top strengths.

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