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Three New Movies Coming Out This Weekend!

A cop with a connection to the criminal underworld scours a nightclub in search of his kidnapped son.
"Sleepless" is standard cops and robbers fare, with Jamie Foxx as an undercover cop whose son is abducted by the mob and stops at nothing to get him back.
We've seen it all before. It gets a C and is rated R
Live By Night
A story set in the Prohibition Era and centered around a group of individuals and their dealings in the world of organized crime.
Written and directed by Ben Affleck, the film wants to be a throwback to the 'gangster' films of the 1940's. But "Live By Night" never gets there. The film has too many problems with the script which includes an overabundance of characters, a confusing story and too many pointless subplots. 
Also, the key actors underserve their roles with the most prominent being Affleck himself who underplays his character so much the audience just doesn't care about him.
All in all "Live By Night" has too much going against it to be enjoyable. It gets a D and is rated R.
Patriots Day
An account of Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis's actions in the events leading up to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and the aftermath, which includes the city-wide manhunt to find the terrorists behind it.
"Patriot's Day" is a solid police thriller. The film realistically follows the police and federal task forces
on the trail of the Boston Marathon bombers. The performances in the film are gritty and genuine as the police escalate their manhunt during the crucial hours after the bombing.
"Patriot's Day" is well worth the ticket in. It gets a B and is rated R.

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