Getting your foundation just right can change the look of your whole face, and help you to hide blemishes and uneven skin tones in no time. Here’s what you need to know about choosing and applying foundation:

Choosing a Color

When trying to find a foundation color that matches your natural complexion, you want to apply the sample to your jaw line, let it fully soak in, and look at it in natural light before you can be sure it’s right. If you’re having trouble finding the right shade, ask the cosmetologists at the makeup counter in a department store to help you. Take their sample with you to match it against the colors in your preferred brand.

Before Foundation

Applying a moisturizer before you apply foundation keeps your skin hydrated, and makes the foundation go on more smoothly. Apply the moisturizer a few minutes before the foundation so it has time to soak in all the way. Apply primer before foundation as well, although this step is only necessary when you need your foundation to stay on for long periods of time.

Easy Application

The easiest way to apply foundation evenly is straight from your fingertips. This is especially true for light coverage or for spot coverage. If you need fuller coverage, a makeup sponge can help. Apply foundation in a downward motion so the hairs on your face lay down.

Concealer Comes Next

Many people make the mistake of applying concealer before their foundation. You’ll be able to use less of it if you wait and apply it after foundation, and the foundation will prevent the concealer from getting creases in it. Remember that a little bit goes a long way. Applying too much concealer, especially around your eyes, will give a noticeably unnatural look.

Finishing Powder

Using a powder on top of your foundation will take the shine out of your face and make your foundation last longer. Choose a luminous powder to give your face a glowing, youthful look. Sweep it on with a wide brush in a “W” pattern- from the temple, to the cheekbone, to the bridge of the nose, and back again.

Knowing how to apply your foundation correctly will keep you from using too much, and will make you look flawlessly even toned in just a few minutes!

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