I’ve read that you can tell a lot about a someone’s personality based on their sleeping position. For instance, someone who curls up in the fetal position to sleep is said to be sensitive, whereas someone who sleeps on their stomach is forward and brash. These theories are probably not easily proven, but what is known about our sleeping position is that it has a direct impact on our health.

Sleeping on Your Side

Side-sleepers are the most common, and this position provides good support for the natural curve of your spine. Side sleepers may experience more shoulder and arm pain, though. This is due to reduced circulation, and nerve pressure in the neck, shoulders and arms.  The effects of gravity on your facial skin when sleeping on your side also hastens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Sleeping on Your Stomach

Sleeping face down is the least healthy position. Turning your face to the side in order to breath strains the neck, and presses on the face, deepening the wrinkles we’ve been worrying about. This is also the least supportive position for the spine. Sleeping on your stomach can aid in digestion though, so if you’ve got an upset tummy, flip over for a little while and see if that helps.

Sleeping on Your Back

I was pleased to find out that sleeping on your back is the most healthy position in many ways. I’m a back-sleeper, which means that I am giving the best support to my spine and neck. I also use a cervical pillow, further improving alignment and circulation. Sleeping on your back is the best position for avoiding fine lines and wrinkles too, since gravity is working in your favor in this position.

You can sleep healthy in any position really, as long as you give your body the proper support it needs, and keep circulation open. Choosing the right mattress and pillows to compliment your sleep position is greatly beneficial, and avoiding placing your arm or a pillow over your face will cut back on those sleep wrinkles.

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