I’ve heard more than once that humans use only 10% of their brains, leaving the rest as dormant, untapped potential. This always gets me thinking about all the things we could accomplish if we could access the other 90%. Maybe I could read minds, control my dreams, or move objects using only my brain power. As it turns out, humans use more than 10% of their brains on a daily basis, about 10 times more!

Amazing Mind Facts

The fact that we use 100% of our brain, every single day, is not the only amazing thing about this super-organ. Tests that can reveal which neurons in the brain are being electrically charged at any given time show us that every part of the brain is alive with activity at one time or another. Our brains are active 24 hours a day, whether we’re awake or asleep. The brain may only account for 3% of our body weight, but it consumes over 20% of our energy each day keeping the body running smoothly.  Even more amazing is that if one area of the brain is damaged, other areas will automatically begin to compensate, making the brain a very resilient machine.

Maintaining a Healthy Mind

Just like we need exercise to keep our muscles strong, putting your brain through its paces can increase your mental stamina. As we age, brain function slows down, which impairs memory and other cognitive functions. Exercising your brain keeps this decline at bay, and can even delay the development of diseases like Alzheimers. Here are some ways to give your brain a good workout:

  • Memorizing: Committing things to memory, and then recalling them later keeps synapses healthy. Try remembering your grocery list without looking, or completing your to-do list from memory.

  • Hand-Eye Activities: Engaging in activities that hone your fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination are great for brain health. Learning to play an instrument, knitting, or working on a puzzle are a few examples.

  • Engage the Senses: Any activity that engages all five of your senses is a good workout for your brain. Focus on the taste, texture and smell of the foods you eat. Gardening is also a well-rounded sensory experience.

  • Try Something New: Learning a new skill makes the brain stretch outside of its comfort zone, and this builds mental strength. Take up a new sport or hobby, or attend a class to get your brain stretching.

Start Living the Younger You Today!


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