As I’ve worked with the top health care professionals on The Younger You, and as I was researching information for my book, I noticed a trend in the industry: Using all natural skin and healthcare products is all the rage among consumers today, with vitamin supplements, essential oils, and organic foods taking their moment in the spotlight. There are lots of benefits associated with all natural products, but “all natural” doesn’t necessarily mean “completely safe.”

Risky Business

While many natural substances give us a boost in health, there are some that can be dangerous. Many dietary supplements and other natural products aren’t monitored by the FDA, so you have to make sure you’re getting a well-known, high quality product when going natural. Some substances can interact badly with other medications you’re taking, so remember to tell your doctor about any natural products you want to begin using. As with any supplement or substance, educate yourself and make yourself aware of the risks of anything you use, even if it is labeled “natural.”

Too Much of a Good Thing

Just because something is derived from a natural source doesn’t mean you can use as much as you want and be safe. Marijuana is all natural after all, and too much of that can be life threatening. The earth has a lot to offer us, but keep moderation in mind. It’s easy to overdose on natural supplements like vitamins and minerals, so stick to dosage instructions.

Weighing the Benefits

If used correctly, natural substances can be your ticket to health and wellness. Holistic treatments are some of the most effective available, you just have to do a little homework before using them. All natural products can spare you the exposure to harmful substances like harsh chemicals, preservatives, and artificial components that we find in so many products, and they’re definitely a great alternative in many cases. So go ahead and go natural, but take the time to educate yourself about all of the products you’re using.

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