I came to Utah for a ski vacation just over a year ago, and as soon as I saw the place, I knew I had to make it my home. We’re surrounded by beauty here, and getting out into nature can be therapeutic on so many levels! I have to admit that I don’t get out hiking very often, but I’m making it a goal to make it a regular habit. I know that hiking can give me a healthy boost in body, mind and soul.

Good for the Body

The great thing about hiking is that it’s a form of exercise that people of any fitness level can participate in. Local trails range in difficulty from beginning to very advanced, so there’s always something to challenge and push you. If you’re having an off day, take your time. If you’re feeling great, go a little faster and get a good workout in. The rewarding view at the top of the trail will make all of your effort worth it.

Good for the Mind

Physical activity stimulates your brain to release endorphins. These naturally occurring chemicals give you a boost in energy, promote a sense of well being, and generally make you feel great. They’re responsible for that “runner’s high,” but you can tap into them through any form of exercise. Couple a surge of endorphins with fresh air and beautiful surroundings, and you’ll see your attitude hit the high notes.

Good for the Soul

There’s something about being out in nature that brings a sense of inner peace and balance. If something is troubling you, spending some time outdoors will help to put everything in perspective. Shake off your blues and feed your soul with a hike through the tranquil mountains. You’ll feel better on every level, and be ready to tackle life by the time you get back down to the valley.

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