Get a Brow Makeover to Instantly Look Younger

We’ve all heard about the options for giving our face a more youthful appearance, from chemical resurfacing to botox, but there’s one simple trick we may have overlooked. Giving your brows a complete makeover can make you look up to 10 years younger, and it takes less than 5 minutes.

Thinning Brows a Sign of Aging

When we think about the signs of aging, we tend to focus on crows feet and frown lines, but the brows are even more of a giveaway. They tend to thin out as we age, leaving the brow line more exposed, and pulling focus away from the eyes, up to the forehead.

Hormonal changes associated with aging are the biggest cause of this thinning, along with genetics. Both men and women can see a thinning brow as they approach middle age, and both can fix it with one of a few simple tricks.

Youthful Solutions

Just like with hair replacement procedures for a thinning hairline, thinning brows can be permanently filled in with a hair transplant that looks totally natural. This procedure can be expensive and a little invasive, though. For those who are uncomfortable with that idea, there are cosmetic solutions.

Using an eyebrow pencil to fill in thin spots will give the brows a more even look. Liquid options like brow gel or brow mascara cling to existing hairs, lengthening and thickening them. This is usually the most natural looking cosmetic solution. It can last all day and takes just seconds to apply.

Why it Works

A healthy brow line gives a youthful look to the face as it draws focus to the eye, giving a brighter, more alert appearance. It also sets off the cheekbones, giving a fresher look to the entire face. The eyebrows are a focal point for expressions as well, making them one of the most noticeable facial features. Taking just a minute to spruce them up as part of your morning routine will make a big impact in the overall youthfulness of your face.

Start Living the Younger You Today!


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