Dr. Aaron Baron is the driving force behind Surface Medical Spa. He’s been by The Younger You in the past to lend us his expert opinions and advice, and we’ll be seeing more of him in the near future. I wanted to get to know him a little better, so I asked him a few questions, and I’d love to share what I learned with you!

1. Troy: What is the most dramatic change you've seen in one of your cases from beginning to end?

Dr. Barson: We did a television show where we picked a deserving person and did a total makeover. The winner had a lot of life challenges, and was chosen because of her need. This person was given an Encore facelift, face and breast fat transfer, and liposuction of most body areas.   She had a wonderful transformation and was featured on the television show. A dramatic change like this transforms the person physically and mentally. I believe the mental boost was the most significant.

2. Troy: In your professional opinion, what is the perfect breast size?

Dr. Barson: There are two answers to this question and the first answer is the best; the perfect breast size is whatever the woman wants it to be (to make her happy). The second answer is more along the lines of whatever makes the woman’s body most proportional.  This means a 5’0” 98# woman would look disproportionate is she had DD breasts.  Along the same lines, a 6’0” 165# woman would not look proportionate with A cup breasts. Each body size and shape has a breast size that makes them appear most proportionate. The perfect answer does not exist for this question but the answers above are what I shoot for. The woman’s desires first, and then ratio and proportion come into play.

3. Troy: What are the latest trends in breast augmentation?

Dr. Barson: For bag-type implants the only real changes are the reintroduction of silicone implants after they were banned, and the use of different shaped implants to achieve a more natural appearing breast. Of course, natural appearance is what we always get with fat transfer breast augmentation.

4. Troy: What would be your ideal vacation spot and why?

Dr. Barson: Yellowstone National Park. I have been going there almost yearly since I was a small child. I love the mountains, the geology, the wildlife, the thermal features, and the fact that you are in the crater of an enormous volcano. I used to fish the river and lake but not so much anymore. My second favorite vacation spot is Hawaii, especially the big island because it has an active volcano. I think this means I like volcanoes.

5. Troy:  Finish this sentence: Dr. Barson is…

Dr. Barson: Dr. Barson is...dedicated to making my clients happy. That is really the essence of Surface. I just like making people happy. The real pleasure of life is human interaction and I get to interact on the most intimate level with our clients. We discuss methods and procedures that try to correct or modify the things that bothers the person most.  Sometimes a spouse or even a close friend is not aware of the deep anxieties and concerns the person has about a particular aesthetic problem. We don’t cure cancer at Surface but we do help people, at a fundamental level, to feel good about themselves. That good feeling then radiates to those around them and relationships improve and everyone is just happier.

Feel free to contact Dr. Barson’s office at 801-776-2002 if you have any questions or would like some more information.

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