Wirth Watching: When road construction was a great sight to see

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 UTAH) - It is the season of road construction as the orange barrels are out throughout the state.

Construction isn't new, but people nowadays certainly look at it differently than days gone by.

Back in the 1950's, people were excited to see the road graders tearing up old roads. It was a sign of real progress.

In fact Channel Four interrupted what seemed to be the norm of western programs to bring the news of a lot of swell construction.

“And men and machines build a new Parleys route. This scene of men and machines signifies spectacular Utah 1956 as earth movers, engineers, truckers and trucks change the very landscape,” said a 1956 KTVT broadcast. KTVT were the call letters for what's now known as KTVX (ABC4 Utah).

Nobody could do it any better than our old announcer the legendary Alan Moll, complete with a plywood map and light bulbs. The big news was the building of I-80 from the mouth of Parleys Canyon to Mountain Dell.

That traffic and the cars soon to be coming from every state in the union, loaded with tourists from all parts of the nation. And let’s face it, we hope those tourists will be loaded with money ready to spend it in spectacular Utah.

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