Wirth Watching: The humble beginnings of the Salt Lake International Airport

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 UTAH) - Salt Lake City airport officials are working on plans for a new airport that will replace the current airport that dates back 50 years. That replaced a $50,000 1933 airport on the east side of the present complex.

Back when everyone went to airport to wave good bye, flying was really something at the old white colored terminal.

Long time airport official Russ Pack also had a soft spot for it.

“I miss the art deco building on the east side compared to today.. Travel was glamorous,” said Pack.

Oh indeed it was. You wore your best clothes when you bought your ticket and of course when you were on the plane. And they gave you a really cool magazine on board.

It was the time that when dad went on a big trip, the whole family followed him out to the plane and took pictures.

In 1962 --- there was a new airport for jets. Wow!

Now there were more people to see people leave and more people to meet people coming into town… that's a tradition around here.

But then it got real modern at the airport. They built a second level and remodeled everything. Put in escalators and built a terminal two.

And you couldn't go out on the tarmac to greet people.

And everything was designed to be efficient.

But we remember the old days… when everyone waved bye.



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