Wirth Watching: Sundance Stars

PARK CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - It's the people who come here as stars, as people who want to be seen, and people who want to see any star.

You look back and see when Juliana Margulies was the popular actress on the TV show “ER”.  Or Christopher Lloyd as a serious Oliver and loving Sundance.  And Glenn Close who starred in Robert Altman’s cookies fortune.

Yes, stargazers and star press folks seeing people having fun making indy films.

And of course, Robert Redford from the first days, the star gazers favorite.  And you saw the stars in person, like it was Hollywood.

And then there those who just want to, well, show up at Sundance.  These are the celebs that just seem to be there.

But really, in a lot of these parties, the star gazers party out in the front, while the stars are in the back, being guarded by folks who keep you out.

So instead of the stars, you can get in about an hour conversation about a film with someone about something that doesn't seem to make sense.

It's a reflection of the human condition. It plays into everyone’s nervous system one way or another whether they like bits or not or found some bits exciting or depressing.

Yes, it was true even in the early years. Those who come to see... and those who come to Sundance to be seen.

The hanger on-ers will be back in a year - you can bet on that.

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