Wirth Watching: Remembering the wonders of Wandemere Park

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 UTAH) - The old Salt Lake City trolley system of a century ago stopped at 2700 South and 7th East. Passengers found a special place at the end of the line, especially as good spring weather allowed for a family outing. It was a bit of magic now occupied by a golf course.    

The Nibley park golf course is Utah’s oldest public golf course. It dates back to 1922. But we go back before that, back to when it was the magnificent Wandemere amusement park.

What a place --- two lakes were at the center of the fun and a contraption called a shoot the shoot that sent a boat sliding down a track and slam into the water.

For those wishing a bit less adventure, there were rowboats and a place to park them to take a stroll.

You can imagine what a peaceful place this was. The old cottonwoods still give you a chance to think about the past use of this land.

There was a complicated lock system that brought a person from one lake to another. And at night operas filled the lake air with song on a stage that floated over the lake.

Now a lake that runs along the first hole at the golf course.

A centerpiece was the great bridge done in elegant lattice work and adorned with flowers on each end.

Crowds got here by street car--- it was the end of the line and pretty much the outer limit of Salt Lake City.

And then it was the end of Wandemere park. By 1922, it was a golf course and a memory.

Yes, you can imagine it.  The sounds of thousands of people crammed in here on a beautiful spring day here at Wandemere park.

After the park closed --- the Nibley family of railroad fame gave the land to the city to become the golf course.


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