Wirth Watching: How Utah's very first TV station started

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 UTAH) - Salt Lake City in 1948 was about to get something no city between Chicago and the West coast had seen.

All during the war, Salt Lake radio station KDYL engineers had been making electronic devises in an old building on 2nd east.  Most were totally homemade.

In April 1948 they were ready. A neon light on an old building where City Creek now stands lit up a strange new word--- television.

Radio station KDYL had created channel four. It was so new the government gave it an experimental license to sign on with.

Channel four engineers flip the switch on a new transmitter and it worked. The signal was holding steady

To the tower they had put up on the old Walker Bank building, the 13th station in America and the only one not owned by a network in Americas largest cities was sending out a signal.

Fortunately for us today, they saved the very first test film strip of the very first experiment. It was of a card and a very bad scratchy trumpet record.

Then on April 19th, 1948 they were ready.

TV dealers were thrilled to join the ad blitz. Finally there was a reason to sell TVs.

They made it all happen by the seats of their pants, ways to show film, ways to entertain, and ways to inform.

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