14 Things To Stop Doing Right Now

By Shauntel Forte

  1. Fearing change – Change is essential for our growth. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Push yourself out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, and watch how you will grow.
  2. Trying to please everyone – It is impossible to please everyone. Everyone has their own agenda and likely is out to please his or herself. At the end of the day you have to follow your heart and do what’s best for you.
  3. Second-guessing yourself – Be confident in your actions. Don’t let the fear of what other people might think throw you off your game.
  4. Living in the past – You can’t change what’s already happened. Live for the here and now and learn from your mistakes. Regret is a roadblock to progression. Don’t let it anchor you in the past.
  5. Overthinking – There will always be more than one good option to choose from. Choose the best option and be happy with your choice. Don’t look back.
  6. Comparing yourself – You are your own worst enemy. Never compare yourself and your circumstances to anyone else because everyone has their own handful of issues. Be grateful for what you have and work hard for the things you want.
  7. Giving up – Good things take time and hard work. Commit yourself and see out your goals to the very end.
  8. Judging others – Worry about yourself and don’t insert yourself in other people’s business. You will never know or understand a person’s story without walking a mile in their shoes. Take the time to build genuine relationships and leave the judging to the haters.
  9. Feeling entitled – No one has ever gotten anywhere without having to work for it. There is no such thing as freebies, gimmes, or handouts. Get out and work for what you want.
  10. Not taking chances – Opportunities will come and go. Seize the moment and don’t let great opportunities pass you by. If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you always got. Take a risk.
  11. Living life through the screen – Life is full of beautiful moments. If your face is glued to your phone 24/7, you will miss the precious moments of life and never feel completely fulfilled. Put your phone away. Talk to a stranger. Catch up with an old friend. Take a moment to appreciate the beauty around you instead of mindlessly scrolling.
  12. Complaining – Be grateful for what you have been given and always stay humble and kind. The squeaky wheel may get the grease but has zero dignity.
  13. Procrastination – Every moment that you delay taking action is another opportunity for someone else to step in and do it first. Go out on a limb and make it happen. The early bird always gets the worm.
  14. Being afraid of failure – Steve Jobs didn’t get to where he wanted to be without failing a hundred times to get there. Michael Jordan didn’t become one of the greatest basketball players of all time without being told he was no good. You are no different. It takes failure to realize success.

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