Southern Utah University is the pride of Cedar City

CEDAR CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Cedar City prides itself on many things, but one of the biggest parts of their community is Southern Utah University.

SUU President Scott Wyatt sums up the mission of his University, "It is just the ideal setting and the student and facility members to learn and have a great experience."

SUU's new president Scott Wyatt talked to ABC4Utah's Emily Clark about what makes the University in Cedar City stand out from the the rest of the public schools across the state.

President Wyatt said, "SUU has a better graduation rate, you are more likely to graduate if young adults go here than any other regional University in Utah."

The reason for the high retention rate, according to the President, is the environment and neighborhood SUU provides.

President Wyatt explained, "More than 80 percent of students are living in student house that means 8,000 people, mostly the same age, living within a mile of each other right off the edge of campus."

Provost Brad Cook says this adds to the different way of thinking at SUU.

Cook said, "What this University is trying to differentiate is the difference between teaching and learning."

One example of this is the Alliance for Education and Intergovernmental Internship Cooperative. It's a long name, but a big opportunity; a formal education partnership between the university and seven national parks and BLM.

John Hiscock, Superintendent of Pipe Spring National Monument, explained, "This provides an opportunity for students at the University to have developmental and employment opportunities with the national park service."

SUU Senior Kaitlyn Jones said, "SUU definitely focuses on experiential side of learning and with the partner we have with the parks we have an opportunity to have that hands on experience with public lands."

Shaunt Wright, also a Senior, said, "There are no doors closed to me, they are all open and I can do what I want to do."

Throughout the school the goal is the same: don't teach, but learn.

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