Moab Brewery thrives in red rock community

MOAB, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Moab is a great place to visit, but living there can prove difficult. ABC 4 Utah’s Emily Clark visited the Moab Brewery to see first hand how it has become a thriving business in the red rock.

Right on Main Street in Moab, you find what the locals call “their favorite.”

“Moab has great water for brewing beer,” said Michael Miller with Moab Brewery.

Moab Brewery opened back in the ‘90s.

“Back in 96 my two other partners, they would come down to Moab and they like the area and thought it was under utilized,” said Miller.

It wasn't always the easiest road to build a successful business in this tourist community.

“Staffing is always an issue in a tourist type town. We don't have housing, we don't have lots of people that want to come here and work. They all want to come and play,” said Miller.

Despite the set backs Moab brewery made it. It became more than just a restaurant.
It became a well known and respected brand of beer.

“We start with the brewing, the fermenting ... We carbonate it ... And then we can it or package it or put it in a can and drink it,” said Miller.

All of this work, done right inside their Main Street building. Michael's brewer is pretty picky. To make sure that his beer is perfect even though, it's made in Utah!

"Our brew does a good job, a lot of people think Utah beer is watered down ... That's not true. We put in the same ingredients, we just stop the process before it goes higher," said Miller.

The brewery has been awarded for their excellence something they partially credit to Moab.

“We built our beer around what we have available to us,” said Miller.

When you come to eat at Moab Brewery, you are enjoying beer that has come straight off the line and to your table.
It isn't just about beer; their food is very good too.

It’s a combination that has found success, in a community where it isn't always easy.

"For whatever reason it is working for us," said Miller.

It's working not just for him, but for all of us who enjoy what they are making on Main Street in Moab.

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