Good4Utah Road Tour explores Summit County

SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) Ready for a summer vacation? Look no further than Summit County! It’s a great place to take in some sunshine. 
There are some hidden gems in the mountainous county. 
When you talk about Summit County, we all know the Olympic Oval and Park City Mountains, but it's the hidden gems that are really on target.
On excitement from the Blue Sky Ranch shooting club in Summit County. It’s a tucked away venue with construction is underway for a family resort slated to open in 2018, but in the meantime, you can sharpen those shooting skills. 
“We have equine program so we do horseback riding… the High West whiskey Distillery and an event center for weddings,” said Stuart Campbell, COO of Blue Sky Ranch. 
Blue Sky is just one those Summit County secrets. Another is the old fashioned feel and full stomach you get at the Woodland Biscuit Company. 
It’s a historic building nestled on the side of the state Highway 35. It’s an old general store serving up come country nostalgia with a breakfast and lunch menu that makes your mouth water. 
“All of your main stream items with a twist. We do everything pretty house made here. Our blueberry jam, our red pepper jelly. Our tomato jam now, a host of biscuit sandwiches with hash browns or grilled veggies but then traditional egg and bacon plates,” said Laurel Bartmess, Woodland Biscuit Company owner. 
It’s the delicious side to Summit County, but we’re not done yet. You’ve got some down home, solid western fun just down the road in Oakley. You have to start making your plans now for the Oakley Rodeo over the fourth of July. 
"We think we've produced one of the better rodeos in the country.”
Gerald Young and Ken Woolstenhulme are the heart and soul of the Oakely Rodeo. They are best friends that volunteer time and energy to making sure there’s something for everyone in the family. 
“It's really heartwarming to see the place full up and stand up there in the announcer stand and look out over this thing, there aren't many vacant seats."
You’ve got something going on every minute of the rodeo, so kick up your heels for the bull riding and barrel racing because these two handsome cowboys guarantee a good time. 
“I hate to say this we've got about 130 some odd years invested in this rodeo between the two of us and that's kind of telling Ken's age. We've been involved in it, we enjoy it, we like it.”
For ticket information for the Oakley Rodeo visit
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