Discover the prehistoric world at Utah Field House State Park

VERNAL, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – The Good4Utah Road Tour heads to eastern Utah and sets up shop in Vernal! The Utah Field House State Park strives to keep collectibles local and give you a glimpse back to prehistoric times. 
Cleaning, examining and repairing fossils from the Precambrian era. It's nearly a billion years ago and catching paleontologists at work is a unique opportunity you get to unearth at Utah Field House State Park.
When you visit Vernal, you get to take it way back to the Mesozoic, Paleozoic and Pre-Cambrian eras. 
“It's pretty unbelievable. What I love about this museum is you get to learn about the land around you and you go outside and it's right there,” said Megan Anthony, a visitor to Utah. 
Utah Field House State Park exhibits showcase about 300 million years of eastern Utah’s natural history from specs of dust to large dinosaurs. 
“I've just been having the greatest day so far exploring this museum,” said Anthony. 
The dinosaurs that roamed through Vernal you can’t find too many other places. 
“Psauraopods, the big long neck long tail dinosaurs like the model in our lobby. The platakiss, we also have allosauras out here and a number of other smaller dinosaurs,” said Steve Sroka, park manager. 
The area is so rich in prehistoric material like bones and fossils, paleontologists are constantly working to add new material to the already tens of thousands of artifacts house in the stacks of the state park museum. 
 “We go out in the field and continually try to find new material for our collections and exhibits and the museum has been doing that since 1948,” said Sroka. 
It’s a learning experience for the whole family from the large scale models and dinosaur garden to the encased fossils dating back millions of years. With the museum keeping collectibles local, you get to watch science in action. 
“We have a working paleontology laboratory where things we find out in the field we bring back to clean up or prepare for collections and they can view what we are doing through our lobby windows,” said Sroka. 
So this is a must see next time you visit Vernal because who doesn't love a daplatakiss? 
For museum rates and hours of operation, visit
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