Discover remnants of the past at the Parowan Gap

CEDAR CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - West of Cedar City stands a massive rock formation seemingly all alone, but it isn't. You don't just find rocks at the Parowan Gap, take a closer look, you can see what remains of those who used to be here.

"This is one of the most outstanding examples of petroglyphs in Southern Utah," said Nathan Thomas with the Bureau of Land Management.

Hundreds of Petroglyphs that archeologists believe are thousands of years old.

Archeologists believe members of Piute or Hobi tribes were the artists. They wouldn't scratch the rock, but hammer creating divots. There is no question, there was real effort and talent before the work.

It is not known what the petroglyphs are telling us, but that may be the best part of the experience of visiting the ancient writings.

Thomas said, "The real power and attractiveness of the petroglyphs is that there can be so many meanings and they can mean so much to different people."

Messages from a time in the past and a reminder we are not the first, but the latest to enjoy the beauties of Utah.

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