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About Together 4 Utah

For Jim Dabakis and Thomas Wright, success in politics means coming together across party lines to engage in constructive conversation with a sense of shared purpose.

Together 4 Utah is a weekly forum for Jim and Thomas to open dialogue about the issues facing Utahns and offer perspectives with results. Not the typical Sunday-morning political show, Together 4 Utah looks at the issues facing our state, and how we can come together to affect positive change.

Topics for discussion will include tourism, hospitality, education, health, economic development, arts, energy, and more. Each week features topical interests and roundtable discussion empowering viewers to engage in being Together 4 Utah.

Together 4 Utah Hosts

Thomas Wright

Partner, President, Principal Broker - Park City, UT

Thomas is a civically minded citizen and has been elected and appointed to serve on several key organizations in the community. He currently sits on the Board of Directors for the United Way, which serves Salt Lake, Summit and Davis Counties and was recently recognized with one of the organization?s highest honors for its efforts to dramatically change the delivery of early education in Utah. He also served as the Chairman of the Utah Republican Party, the Salt Lake County Republican Party and was a member of the Republican National Committee (RNC). In 2012, Thomas cast all of Utah?s 40 votes for Mitt Romney at the Republican National Convention. More...

Jim Debakis

State Senator

Jim has remained an active Democrat through the years, giving support and encouragement to office holders and candidates. He began his political service as a volunteer for candidate Scott Matheson during his first run for Governor of Utah in 1976. In July of 2011, Jim was elected Chair of the Utah Democratic Party. He calls his current position (which pays $1 a year) "the most engaging, fun, challenging and exciting thing I have ever done. I love Utah Democrats!" More...