Randall Carlisle

Weekend Anchor | Reporter

Randall Carlisle began his broadcasting career at the ripe old age of 14 when he won the Ohio State Radio Announcing Contest.  A small station in an Ohio town offered him a part time radio job and he has spent the next 50 years in the business.
He honed his television journalism skills as he worked in Ohio, Colorado, Minnesota, Texas and Utah where he covered major events for 30 years, news stories that have influenced the lives of countless Utahns.  Some of those include the floods of 1983, the funeral of LDS Church President Spencer W. Kimball, the Mark Hoffman bombing saga, the Singer-Swapp standoff in Marion, the IOC selecting Salt Lake for the 2002 Olympics and the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping and rescue.
Along the way he was honored with 3 regional Emmy’s for his outstanding work and made an appearance on ABC’S Good Morning America.  He has had personal interviews with rock stars, film celebrities, a President, Vice President and a myriad of movers and shakers too numerous to mention.  His greatest love is reporting on average people doing extraordinary things that are good for Utah.
He has traveled extensively around the world and points to China and Cambodia as some of his more memorable trips.
Carlisle recently took a break from television and pursued a new career opportunity as a Customer Service Manager at Harmon’s City Creek grocery store.  He still works there several days a week and would love to have you stop by and talk to him.
In his spare time he enjoys golf and is an avid reader.

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