Craig Wirth

News Reporter

Craig Wirth has been in broadcasting 46 years starting in high school in Great Falls, Montana. He started at our channel four in 1970 for the first of several stretches as Utah’s TV story teller. He later worked as a network correspondent in Los Angeles and for TV stations in New York and Los Angeles.

He received four Emmy Awards for his New York and LA work. Wirth returned to channel four for a weekly TV visit in 1988 while also working in Los Angeles. He quickly specialized his reporting into telling the stories of the history of daily life in Utah for a 15 year run as a stable of Utah’s Sunday night TV.

He rejoined his old home of Utah’s first TV station in November, 2013 to again relive the delightful story of Utah’s history in his trademark “Wirth Watching” reports on the Sunday night news.

In 2012, he was inducted into the Utah Broadcasting Association Hall of Fame.

Wirth also serves as the Communications Director of The Episcopal Diocese of Utah and is a long time instructor at the University of Utah Department of Communication. He also shoots, writes and narrates historical based documentaries. His other passion is volunteering with Best Friends as the group’s MC for its Super Adoptions in Salt Lake City. Craig hopes Utahns will share their stories with him by emailing their ideas to

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