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Top 10 Suggested New Year's Resolutions for Couples

Relationship Experts from around the country have combined their efforts to create the "Top Ten Suggested New Year's Resolutions for Couples".
Let's start 2014 off with a positive boost for your relationship. Relationship Experts across the country have combined their efforts to create the Top Ten suggested New Year’s Resolutions for couples. Each of these, should you decide to keep them even 50% of the time, will make a positive difference in the quality of your relationship.

Relationship Coach Val Baldwin joined us on Midday to talk about the things on the list.  She says it will be much better if you and your partner can both commit and follow through with these.  However, even if you are the only one who works at it, you can still make a positive difference.
  1. Vow not to keep secrets from each other.
  2. Only say positive things about your spouse to family and friends.
  3. Flirt with each other.
  4. Learn your partner's "love language" an find some way to show him or her that you love them in your partner's own love language.
  5. Resolve to always show respect, even if you disagree.
  6. Start a gratitude journal for the next 30 days.  Every day, write one thing about your life together that you like and appreciate.
  7. Vow to spend 20 minutes together each night just debriefing on your day.
  8. find one nice and loving thing to say to your partner each day.
  9. Begin and end each day with sincere signs of affection, even if they only last for six seconds.
  10. Promise yourself that this is the year to learn forgiveness.

For more relationship advice, please visit: Val Baldwin.

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